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Argentine PH Mishka- 9/24/2011

Argentine Pecos X Argentine Zoey (ET)

Mishka has such an innocent look about her.  She’s got great coloring with browns and grays. She is the best mom ever!

Bred to Argentine Bravo, due Spring 2019.

Sold at the Firecracker Online Sale

Argentine Justina La Sorpresa (ET)- 09/10/2008

Argentine Brutus (ET) X Argentine Aida (ET)

Stocky female with amazing coverage! Outstanding producer.

Bred to Argentine Nuncio, due August 2018.

Offering her at the Firecracker Online Sale-7/13-18th Available

Kasha RTC - 09/24/2009  

Argentine Fresco X Kala Shay RTC

Half Argentine.  When I think of Kasha, I think of two words, Beauty and Beast.  She’s gray under the brownish coloring and she has produced two grays.  She’s been a great producer and a great mom.

Bred to Argentine Bravo, due Spring 2019.

For Sale

Argentine Kaylee - 05/03/2012

Argentine Gustavo X Argentine Justina La Sorpresa (ET)

Kaylee has a big personality! So much fiber…

2015 Grand Champion HWF - Florissant, Co

2014 Grand Champion Heavy Wool- Grand Junction, Co

2014 Double 1st Place 2 year old HWF - Estes Park, Co

Bred to Argentine Altanero, due Spring 2019.

For sale

Argentine Cha Cha Cha - 09/09/2009

Argentine Tico (ET) X Argentine Marimba (ET)

Cha Cha is very friendly and likes hanging out with people. She’s produced some beauties

Bred to Argentine Altanero, due Spring 2019.

For Sale

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