Zander Farms

Loving Llamas

Argentine Jessenia Shaylyn - 07/08/2008

Argentine Gringo X Argentine Nebulani

Stunning Argentine!  Eye catcher.  Sweet girl.

Bred to Argentine Midas, due Spring 2019.

ILR Lifetime Halter Championship Award

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Excellence

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Achievement

Argentine Justina La Sorpresa (ET)- 09/10/2008

Argentine Brutus (ET) X Argentine Aida (ET)

Stocky female with amazing coverage! Outstanding producer.

For Sale


Argentine Kaylee - 05/03/2012

Argentine Gustavo X Argentine Justina La Sorpresa (ET)

Kaylee has a big personality! So much fiber…

Bred to Argentine Altanero, due Spring 2019.

2015 Grand Champion HWF - Florissant, Co

2014 Grand Champion Heavy Wool- Grand Junction, Co

2014 Double 1st Place 2 year old HWF - Estes Park, Co

Sale Pending

Argentine Frida Kahlo - 11/22/2002  

Argentine Isidro (ET) X Argentine Petaca

Rare bloodlines!  Frida is super easy to work with and a great mom.  She’s got a fun presence about her that you can’t help but notice her.  

Bred to MGF Argentine Lucero, due Spring 2019.

Kasha RTC - 09/24/2009  

Argentine Fresco X Kala Shay RTC

Half Argentine.  When I think of Kasha, I think of two words, Beauty and Beast.  She’s gray under the brownish coloring and she has produced two grays.  She’s been a great producer and a great mom.

Bred to Argentine Bravo, due Spring 2019.

Sale Pending

MGF Princess Jai - 06/03/2010

MGF Bacchus Azul X MGF Indonesia

So happy Barb McRoberts offered her for sale.  Princess always has great presence plus incredible silky fiber.

2015 Res Grand Champion HWF-Rocky Mtn Regional & LOCC

2015 Grand Champion MWF - Florissant, CO

2015 Grand Champion MWF - Estes Park, CO

2016 Reserve Grand Champion HWF - Rocky Mtn Regionals

Argentine Rose of Sharon - 8/29/2011

Argentine Yecu X Argentine Morin

Rosa is such a love.  We are so thrilled to add her incredible rare bloodlines to our herd.  This girl is a tank!

Bred to Argentine Altanero, due Spring 2019.

Argentine Aida (ET) - 05/28/2003

Argentine Kobra X Argentine Trupa

Aida was used in the Taylor’s ET program as a donor. She’s very colorful and taller for an Argentine. We have her daughter and granddaughter. She’s super easy to work with.

Bred to Argentine Midas, due Spring 2019.

Argentine Alaura - 08/23/2004

Argentine Saltarin X Argentine Lola

Alaura is a very big girl, like a tank. She has very rare bloodlines and has been a great producer. Her offspring are anything but small.

Bred to Argentine Nuncio, due Fall 2018.

Reagan - 04/20/2013

Silvermine’s Kurli Q X Argentine Jessenia Shaylyn

We love this girl. From her color to her shiny silky fiber!  This girl has earned her champion just like her mom.  Reagan is our first champion at Zander Farms. ILR Lifetime Halter Championship Award

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Excellence

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Achievement

ALSA Recognition of Merit & Halter Championship

ALSA Recognition of Merit

Argentine Selena- 10/10/2008

Argentine Valentin X Argentine Flavia (ET)

Selena is a powerful female.  She is tall and very alert. She is a super mom. Simply gorgeous.

Bred to MGF Argentine Lucero, due Spring 2019.

MGF Argentine Quivera - 09/06/2010

MGF Argentine Don Macho (ET) X MGF Argentine Toquilla

Que loves to be sang to. She has such a beautiful face. She’s mixture of colors - tan, gray, white, and a paint with some appy spots.  With that, she has produced very colorful crias.

Bred to Argentine Bravo, due Spring 2019.

Argentine Sisi  - 01/26/2004

Argentine Yecu X Argentine Cura

What a treat it is to own Sisi.  She’s got so much presence and color.  

Argentine Destiny (ET) - 10/03/2004

Argentine Kobra X Argentine Machi

When I think of an Argentine, Destiny is the true definition of one.  To me, she is the closest to a perfect llama.

ALSA Recognition of Merit

For Sale

Argentine Marcella - 06/28/2010

Argentine Marcel (ET) X Argentine Zarena

Show Champion. She is adorable!

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Achievement

ILR Lifetime Certificate of Excellence

ILR Lifetime Halter Championship Award

ALSA Recognition of Merit



Argentine Bella - 4/09/2012

Argentine Valentin X Argentine Coya

Bella is a super sweet female and a great mom.  We’re excited to have her.

Argentine Emmy - 11/17/2013

Argentine Zapata X Argentine Primavera

Primavera’s last cria…  Emmy is small but with a big personality.  She’s our PR girl.

For Sale

Necito’s Argentine Cara Mia- 03/21/2011

Argentine Necito X Paloma Blanca De Argentina

Gorgeous, tall girl from rare genetics.  Cara is a proven producer and we’re happy to be able to add her to our program. She’s a full Argentine.

Argentine Calliope- 09/15/2003

Argentine Chavo X Argentine Novena (ET)

Calliope has been a favorite of mine from day one.  We love everything she’s ever produced.  She’s tall, and stunning with all those spots.

Bred to Argentine Nuncio, due Fall 2018.

Argentine Moxie - 09/04/2017

Argentine Altanero (ET) X Argentine Selena

Moxie is a total sweetheart.  There is no way you’re getting away without a kiss from her.  She has amazing soft and silky fiber.

Argentine Jactintha AB-E-Gayle - 05/20/2008

Argentine Gustavo X Argentine Mate

Jaci was one of my top picks when she came available in 2012.  I wasn’t the lucky buyer then but we’re so excited to add her extremely rare bloodlines to our herd now. There is no Kobra, DZ, Pecos, Yecu or Saltarin in her lineage.  She’s a great mom.

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Argentine Aliana ZF - 08/31/2015

Argentine Giovanni X Argentine Alaura

Aliana is a true gift. We bred these two for their rare bloodlines so I was excited to get anything from this breeding. We got a girl AND an appy.  Wow!  Aliana was performance trained by the Barbas.  Thank you Barba family!

Argentine Leandra - 10/14/2015

Argentine Pepito (ET) X Argentine Chocolatte

What a treat Leandra is.  She is so curious and has to be in the middle of everything.  She can’t get enough attention.  We are so thrilled with her.

2018 Performance Grand Champion - National Western

Argentine French Maid (ET) - 04/09/2006

Argentine Don Zunca X Argentine Machi

It was a great loss when Argentine Malia was unable to have anymore crias so we feel incredibility blessed to be able to add the gorgeous French Maid, her full sister. Thank you Ron & Gail Wilkinson for this opportunity.  She is amazing!

Bred to Argentine Bravo, due Spring 2019.

Argentine Bailey ZF - 06/12/2017

Argentine Nuncio X Argentine Jessenia Shaylyn

Bailey is such a special female from the moment she was born.  She’s got great spots, and personality.  She is the biggest cria we have ever had.  She’s got two moms taking care of her.

2018 MWF Reserve Grand Champion - National Western

2018 MWF Juvi Halter 1st Place - National Western

2018 Single Coat Fleece 2nd Place - National Western

Argentine Estrella ZF - 09/15/2017

MGF Argentine Lucero X Necito’s Argentine Cara Mia

Estrella is a beautiful female with big bone and heavy fiber.  We are excited to see her grow up.  Rare bloodlines.


Argentine Cha Cha Cha - 09/09/2009

Argentine Tico (ET) X Argentine Marimba (ET)

Cha Cha is very friendly and likes hanging out with people. She’s produced some beauties

Bred to Argentine Altanero, due Spring 2019.

Sale Pending

Argentine Princess - 05/21/2013

Argentine Valentin X Argentine Sophia

Princess loves attention and scratches.  

Argentine Sophia - 09/15/2003

Argentine Pecos X Argentine Flavia (ET)

Sophia is Princess’ mom.  She has great presence.

Argentine Ahana - 06/24/2013

Argentine Don Novello (ET) X Argentine Seniorita Tren

Ahana is a special girl. She has to greet everyone and is a farm favorite.  She has matured nicely.

2015 Reserve Grand Champion MWF - Florissant, Co

For Sale